Privilege Ibiza

Privilege Ibiza: the epicenter of nightlife on the Isla Blanca

One of the symbols of nightlife, partying and the musical culture that breathes the island is, without a doubt, Privilege Ibiza. Considered the largest nightclub in the world because of its capacity of 10,000 people, Privilege Ibiza is a space that is characterized by hosting the most popular parties of the Ibizan summer year after year, a fact that has positioned it as one of the best nightclubs on the continent. Founded in 1973 under the name Club San Rafael, Privilege Ibiza has evolved into an enviable and impeccable venue with the most influential artists and public figures of today.

Hours of partying in different spaces, with an incredible atmosphere

Privilege Ibiza means to experience the authentic Ibiza party: to arrive at the macro nightclub at night to end up at dawn with the first rays of the sun. This is due to the fact that in the Vista Club room, the largest of the 3 that the club has, it is covered by a glass vault 25 meters high that allows the entrance of light in the morning, offering an unforgettable experience for all visitors, lovers of clubbing tourism. The gigantic discotheque, however, also has several outdoor terraces with all kinds of amenities and services, where you can have a cocktail with your friends, with a fantastic atmosphere, while playing the best house and techno music today.

The parties you can’t miss at Privilege Ibiza

Whatever your musical tastes, in Privilege Ibiza you will surely find a space where you will enjoy the music that best represents you. Many artists of the electronic scene are already part of the record book of this mythical club, being the events held inside the club the best showcases to observe live, unrepeatable performances, unique in the whole island. National and international DJ’s sessions, choreographies, fashion shows and celebrities visits are some examples of what you can find visiting one of the best clubs in the world, among many other surprises to discover.

Parties Ibiza

A discotheque that opens its doors all year round

As usual in many of the macro halls on the island, Privilege Ibiza also opens its doors all year round with first class performances, and even on weekdays. For this reason, if you are staying at Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel during your holidays, you will find yourself in a privileged location, just a few minutes drive from Privilege Ibiza, located in the center of the island. Stay at our Ibiza hotel and discover another way to live your holiday on the Isla Blanca

The price of the tickets, on the other hand, varies depending on the time of year in which we are. Thus, we can get a ticket for Privilege Ibiza from 50€ also taking into account the party that will be held that day.

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