Frequent questions

What time can I check in and check out?

Check in officially starts at 3 pm, but if we have availability we will be more than happy to offer you the room if you arrive before. Unfortunately, we won’t know if you can check in earlier until the same day 🙁

The official check out time is at 12 noon. If you have booked through our website we offer late check out, subject to availability. If there are several late check out requests and availability is limited, preference is given to those who booked first.

The booking hasn't been charged to my credit card. Is everything ok?

If you have standard rate booking there is no need to worry, the credit card details are requested for security reasons such as cancellations. Payment is made at the end of your stay, unless we indicate otherwise.

If you have chosen the non-refundable rate and we have not charged the reservation 7 days prior to your confirmation, there could be an error regarding your credit card details and email, and unfortunately we were unable to charge the reservation or notify you. If you send an email to we will gladly check the status of your reservation.

I booked for a number of people and I want to increase or reduce the number of people in the booking. What I can do?

If the booking was made through our website, you can send an email to and are happy to increase it. Remember that every person added to your booking has an additional cost. We will inform you of the cost in the moment of your inquiry because it depends on the month you plan on coming.

Is it worth booking breakfast?

It is a somewhat personal question. For many people it is a priority to try our tasty and healthy breakfast by the sea. For others, it depends on what they did the night before and maybe they prefer to rest. Ibiza’s nightlife is fantastic, so it depends on what you are planning to do as to whether you should try it. We recommend you that you try it at least one day. After that you can book it in the Santos Coast Club without problem. The price is 16€ and you can book it in advance or on your arrival, is the same price.

Breakfast hours are from 9 am to 11 am. It is unbelievable good!

Is the hotel in a quiet or lively area?

Our hotel is in Playa d’en Bossa, 5 minutes walk from Hï, Sankeys and Ushuaia. There are many bars, supermarkets, restaurants, etc. It’s a lively area, but we are lucky to be situated on a pedestrian street where much of the noise does not reach.

We are in a prime spot where you can choose to relax inside the hotel (in your room or in the Santos Coast Club) or go and check out the many nightlife options in the area.

I am a Tropicana customer, can I use the Santos Coast Club?

You must! We are good people and we like the freedom so you are more than welcome to the Santos Coast Club, located on the beach at just 5 minutes walking straight from Tropicana. In fact, you can walk backwards, it gives a strange but funny feeling.

There you can use the dream beds, order a good cocktail, listen to DJ’s daily sessions and eat, choosing from the ideal hangover dishes like a sandwich club, Kobe hamburger or a fresh Thai salad.

What happens in Tropicana?

From serving breakfast in the morning until we serve the last drink of the night, our Santos Coast Club is one of the hottest spots in Playa d’en Bossa. We have an enviable selection of DJ´s (Colin Peters, coolAffair, Tallyn P, DJ Pippi, Oliver, Oriol Calvo and Alex Kentucky) providing the soundtrack from 1 pm to 5 pm Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays.

We also have own parties such as Flamingo (Brunch, Beats & Bikinis), acoustic concerts (Dorado Live Shows) and other projects in the pipeline that we’re sure you will love. To keep updated with what is going on, subscribe to our newsletter and you’ll receive a regular email about the events.