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Discover the 4 best beaches in Ibiza

With almost fifty beaches also known as “calas” (tiny beaches or coves) spread along its 210 km of coastline, the Ibizan coast has some of the most beautiful and popular beaches in the world, blessed with crystal blue waters and surrounded by dreamy natural settings. Ibiza’s beaches or coves standout for their beauty, contrasts and uniqueness, offering an infinite amount of completely different beaches in a relatively small amount of territory.

Given the variety of beaches in Ibiza, it is essential to know which are the best beaches, whether by popularity, beauty or location.

Cala Llonga, one of the main coves on Ibiza’s east coast

Situated between Cala Blanca and Cala Olivera, specifically in the middle of a small bay, Cala Llonga is one of the main coves on Ibiza’s east coast. Known for its unique, fine white sand and shallow waters, Cala Llonga is more than 200 metres long and is notable for its tranquil and relaxed environment.

cala llonga

Cala Salada, the most popular in San Antonio

Although there are many coves gathered in San Antonio’s popular bay, Cala Salada is one of the main tourist attractions in this Ibizan town. Surrounded by an incredible natural environment and at more than 200 metres long, Cala Salada also stands out for its excellent location, just over 4 km from the centre of the bay. It is a gravel and fine sand cove that has managed to maintain its 100% marine essence practically intact. Cala Salada is surrounded by pine forests and shallow, crystal blue waters, making this cove one of the most beautiful and popular places on the island.

cala salada

Cala Vedella, tranquility just a few minutes from Sant Josep

Sheltered from the wind by a small bay, Cala Vedella is for many people one of the most beautiful coves on Ibiza’s southwest coast and, in turn, one of the most popular on the Sant Josep de Sa Talaia coast. The bay that surrounds this cove not only protects it from the wind, but it is also the place where the Cala’s restaurants and cafeterias are situated on the beachfront.

cala vadella

Cala Tarida, one of the most popular coves in Ibiza

Located about 6 km away from Sant Josep and about 19 km from the centre of Ibiza City, Cala Tarida has become, at 250 metres length and 50 metres width, one of the most emblematic coves of Ibiza. Cala Tarida, with its closed morphology alternating between sandy areas with rocky platforms and islets, stands out for its many contrasts, with urbanised areas mixed with a natural environment of great beauty.